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10 min / 2 years
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1) First Party Cookie used directly from iath.it

International Academy of Tourism and Hospitality, does not directly use profile cookies through the sites iath.it requiring prior consent.

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Supplier Purpose of the cookie Disclosure policy Expires
Google Maps (Google Inc) Google uses cookies in any page that cotains a Google Map to measure the amount and behaviour of its users. http://www.google.com/intl/en/policies/privacy/ 2 years

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IATH - International Academy of Tourism and Hospitality


Founding Partners

The International Academy of Tourism and Hospitality was founded in 2014 thanks to the joint coordination of diverse entities of within the entrepreneurial and institutional formational systems.


The enterprises involved represent selected partners with an international focus, that share the same  need of training middle management, thanks to a bottom-up approach.

The society of Villa D’Este SpA, fouded in 1873, today consists of four hotels: the Grand Hotel Villa d’Este (Cernobbio, Lake Como) and Villa La Massa, a re-born villa on the Arno river (Florence, Candeli) which offer in total 197 luxery rooms in a historical environment but equipped with the best service; the hotels Barchetta Excelsior and Palace, together situated on the Lungo Lario within the city of Como are, on the other hand, within the category of 4 stars and have a total of 178 rooms.

Villa D’Este is a brand recognized around the world as a synonym of refined hospitality. The society owes this position principally to its historical hotel on Lake Como, which has become, for its elite clientele, a real destination, an obligatory step of the Grand Tour of the beauty of our country.

Lario Hotels is a leading company in hospitality on the Lake Como. Lario Hotels, through its hotels - Hotel Villa Flori, Albergo Terminus Hotel and Post Design - with their respective restaurants - Restaurant Raimondi, Bar delle Terme Posta and Bistro - offers its guests the opportunity to experience Lake Como . In 2013, tens of thousands of guests from over 70 countries have chosen to know and live with us  the Lake Como staying in our hotels, eating in our restaurants or participating in Weddings and Private Events held in our facilities.

Meta Spa is the company that manages 2 of the luxury accommodations of Lake Como: Grand Hotel Tremezzo and Grand Hotel Como. The Grand Hotel Tremezzo is one of the oldest hotels in the Lake Como: an authentic Art Nouveau palace. The Grand Hotel Como is a luxury 4-star accommodation surrounded by a large park with swimming pool and solarium.


The schools involved have been selected for the consolidated management skills within the hospitality and catering industries, as well as within research, educational innovation and technology.

The institute has existed since 1865 and constitutes a historical presence in the territory with great potential through high quality educational offered in synergy with the world of work. The institute offers two courses of study in the field of Economics:

  1. Administration, Finance with the profile "Expert in administration, finance and Marketing"
  2. Marketing and Tourism with the profile "Expert in Tourism."

The training comes complete with internship, alternation school work, and simulated training within a company. Among the certifications, the ones issued are: ECDL Core and Advanced, Language Certification in English-French-Spanish-German;

Cometa Educazione comes from the experience of Cometa, a place of hospitality and welcome  in which children and their families are introduced to the meaning of life in the simplicity of everyday life and respect for the history of each of them. In 2009 the School “Oliver Twist” was inaugurated. It offers four-year courses of education and training to students from 14 to 18 years old, and provides educational experimental recovery courses through the crafts; it proposes a model of school integration with companies where the work becomes an opportunity training and education. Cometa Academy is instead part of Cometa Formazione dedicated to the world of adults, with courses of psychosocial assistance and specific help to assist the person in re-entering the world of work.

Gi Group is the first multinational Italian dedicated to Job services, as well as one of the leading, worldwide services dedicated to the development of the labor market. The Group is active in the following fields: temporary and permanent staffing, search and selection, executive search, outplacement, training and hr consulting.