IATH - International Academy of Tourism and Hospitality



The project of the IATH Foundation  (International Academy of Tourism and Hospitality) stems from the belief that the change is triggered by valuable experiences that generate a significant impact on the system through the emulation and the transfer of good practices.

From this awareness, the initiative has been set up, in order to translate in training the so-called 'Italian way of life' which, in its growing international appeal, is the competitive advantage which the country needs to invest in order to address the global market. The training approach emphasizes experiential learning, ie starting from the experience of work to promote conceptual learning the techniques of how to be, combining science and the art of hospitality.

The objective of the  IATH Foundation  (International Academy of Tourism and Hospitality) is to train, creating a place to share, transfer and experience the art and science of hospitality in the Italian excellence. The school will be bilingual and English teaching particularly intensive. In addition to attention on the curriculum, the International Academy of Tourism and Hospitality promotes an educational path for the student, accompanying him during the two years of study, promoting a close relationship aimed at promoting cultural and personal growth of the student, thanks to a series of additional activities to complete the training program.

From an educational point of view, the curriculum is based on the integration of solid theoretical practice and direct experience in business and in the workplace, with a joint Faculty of Teachers and managers within the industry.

The objective of the course of study is thus the formation of a young professional, giving value to job skills in order to perform at levels of excellence their duties, through an educational project that can bring out the best of each student's own values, their aptitudes and abilities.

During the academic year 2014-2015, the first course of higher technical education for the management of tourist-hotel facilities will begin.