IATH - International Academy of Tourism and Hospitality


Higher Technical Institute

The Higher Technical Institutes, provided by Prime Ministerial Decree of 25 January 2008, are high-tech schools that represent a unique educational path, characterized by a didactical and education model  based on “training workshop”, supplemented by experience of apprenticeships in businesses. 

The I.T.S. offers a post high-school  education of two years as an alternative to the university, because is is more vocationally oriented with regard to a qualification of immediate entry into the labor market. The objective of the I.T.S. is to create a know-how that allows the use of the skills acquired in the course of study to create youth employment emphasizing the peculiarities of the territory and in response to the demand from the world of work.

At the end of the course of study at the International Academy of Tourism and Hospitality, the student will be able to obtain the Diploma of Higher Technical  for the management of tourist and hospitality companies.